Wessel Organises Neat Dinner Rendezvous Open to Unique Students

Cals Alumni Literary Society

Book Club

The WONDROUS CALS Book Club is a way to reconnect with Cals alumni by meeting up around a dinner. Twice a year, on the 30th of December and around the 30th of June, I will host a book club with a theme and optional reading materials. Everyone is welcome: former students of mine, other Cals alumni and friends you’d like to bring. Expect a casual atmosphere at my home in Ellecom where you can meet the coolest students from other years, discuss literature and share stories. If you need an excuse to read a book, are looking for a context to meet up with classmates or simply want a free dinner, please come and join us some time!

For information on the next WONDROUS CALS Book, please go here. You can join the mailing list, the Signal group, or let me know you’d like to come. See the contact page.


Is it only for people you’ve taught in the past?

No, everyone is welcome. Just let me know if you decide to bring a crowd.

Will it be in English or Dutch?

Both. There will be no policing of language.

Do I have to do the reading?

No. Mostly, I want to organise a moment to reunite with people. The book club is a format to do so. There is no required reading, only suggested reading: a short text, a longer text and additional reading for people who are interested.

Do I have to be good at “literature”?

No. Any insight is valued, any perspective welcome.

Will I have to write an essay?

Of course not. You could, though. I will write something after every meeting to celebrate and I’d love to read anything you would want to share.

More questions?